A Progressive Petition of the People of Twitter

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Dick Costelo & Jack Dorsey

CEO & Founder / Executive President

Twitter Inc.

795, Folsom Street

San Francisco, CA 94107


Madrid, November 26th, 2012

From: the undersigned People of Twitter

Comrades Dick and Jack,

The people of Twitter are sick and tired of the inequalities generated by your company. We are writing to you in order to demand the immediate  implementation of a number of policies which will guarantee social justice in Twitter, thereby attending the needs of its weakest members.

Twitter is a social grouping of 240 million women and men (equivalent to the fourth largest country in the World) in which the Law of the Jungle reigns. Unbounded freedom in the exchange of messages and the greedy concentration of followers by the most powerful users has brought about an unequal and unjust cyber-society.

It is intolerable that Lady Gaga should have 31,5 million followers, Justin Bieber 30,7 million, Katy Perry 29,4 million, and Rihanna 26,8 million while the vast majority of users barely scrape by with little more than a hundred followers. Clearly, a free-market speculative plot by these twitstars has resulted in the accumulation of their obscene number of followers through the immoral impoverishment of the masses of under-followed users.

We must also note that the absence of regulation concerning Twitter message contents has fostered chaos and political incorrectness. The moment anyone can decide individually what to write without taking into account the opinions of others, the foundations of an individualistic and selfish society are set. Solidarity demands that initiatives should be immediately implemented guaranteeing that noone will be offended by opinions made public by your company. One must think about others befote thinking about oneself.

Further, the exploitation suffered by Twitter users is crystal-clear. Thanks to their messages, Twitter Inc. capital-owners and management, like yourselves, have become millionaires. Twitter users have the right to participate in the wealth they are helping create. Company earnings are expected to reach US$ 250 million this year. It is imperative that the surplus value you are benefiting from should be socializad, bringing a just retribution to Twitter users.

For all these reasons, it is essential that a Twitter Regulatory Comittee (TRC) be immediately created. TRC will be responsible for bringing social justice and equality to Twitter. Without equality, freedom is neither useful nor true. How are Twitter users supposed to exercise their freedom when they barely have any followers? Their voice must be heard with the same strength as that of the million-follower twitstars.

Let us give voice to those without a voice. CRT will be formed by the legitimate representatives of the Twitter people. Their work will be supported by a dedicated staff responsible for the immediate application of its resolutions. In order to ensure the effectiveness of the staff’s essential tasks, it will be necessary to provide it with sufficient material resources (of which Twitter Inc will be, obviously, responsible).

CRT will, first of all, redistribute all Twitter followers in accordance to the principle “from each according to his or her ability, to each according to his or her needs.” The goal will be for each user to be assured a decent minimum number of followers: a thousand. In this way, the equality now lacking in Twitter will be achieved and no-one will ever again be allowed to exploit anybody else.

CRT will also order the chaotic opinion-giving in Twitter. The goal is for noone to feel insulted by opinions expressed thanks to your company (compensation will have to be considered for those offended up till now). CRT will create a Subcomittee for the Respect of Different Opinions (SRDO) which will filter all messages before their publication. TT’s will also be regulated to make sure users are aware of the truly important events of the day.

Finally, CRT will establish criterion according to which Twitter Inc. surplus value will be distributed equally among all users. Never again will a Twitter user contribute to making owners rich without receiving a just compensation.

Looking forward to the swift implementation of these social proposals, please receive the best regards of the undersigned.

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